While growing up I was aware of my parents' interest in nature and history. My father’s passion began during his childhood; he would spend hours searching the shoreline for unusual shells or stones and noticing the different rock formations. I have inherited their love for these ancient life forms through their enthusiasm and their constant love of sharing. Our aim is to pass this knowledge on to others, especially to children who are our future. We believe it is important to invest in children's education and to bring to life what they learn by using their imagination. As a mother of three very lively boys I have been made all too aware of the importance of helping children develop and learn about the world around them through the use of their senses. Using our collection of fossils and minerals they are able to understand the subjects they learn in school and bring it all to life through touch, feel and their sight. They are able to transport themselves back in time and use their imagination through this.

Fossils and minerals are not just a piece of rock or crystal, they are channel which is greatly used to connect grandparents who o‚Äčtherwise would be unable to find a common conversation with the younger generation. They are a way to bring families together on a level that is much deeper. In light of this we are also aware of the passion children have for these natural pieces and we also have a range of prices of fossils for kids as well so that everyone can enjoy and share the experience.

We source and select pieces which we hope will enrich and enhance your knowledge in some way. We know that Paleontologists and Geologists are constantly making new discoveries and we endeavour to keep up to date so that you can become a part of this very special community. So keep a watch on our fossil site.


Our Team

Kim Gan née Rozental - Director

Sarah Harris - Graphics