Crystals for Kids

Do you just love Crystals? They're pretty and calming aren't they? They feel great to hold. Do you get excited looking for pebbles, stones and shells at the seaside, or in the back garden? We have some great tumblestones and a range of gemstones for you to collect. And we are always bringing something new in. You can also let us know what is your favourite gemstone and we will try to get you what you are looking for.

My children love the game Minecraft. It seems to be all the craze. If you play Minecraft online then you will know of some of the gemstones and ores that are used for building tools. We have especially brought in Black, Mahogany and Snowflake Obsidian. Obsidian in Minecraft is used as the most important block in the game. Without it you cannot beat the game. Did you know that it is formed where water meets lava; it really is volcanic rock that has been turned into glass! It might be interesting for you to have a touch and feel of the real thing. Did you know that in the past Obsidian was used to make weapons as it could be cut into sharp edges? We have them in Tumbled stone form and so they are polished and smooth.

Emerald is another well known mineral in Minecraft. Emeralds are used for Mining, Crafting and Smelting. Withint the game they are used as currency for trading with the villagers, but different Minecraft editions will have various uses as well. The real authentic and naturally raw Emerald that we have for sale is a genuine emerald tumblestone. They are made of Beryl and are green and rich in colour with fractures.

Lapis Lazuli is another stone mined in Minecraft or used to trade for Emerald. In reality it is a mixture of Lazurite and Pyrite. It is used for making jewellery, sculptures and ornaments, or it can be ground to make natural pigment. It is the Sodalite that gives it the stunning blue colour.


Please click on the photos below to purchase our lovely specimens of each of the stones that we've mentioned above!