Fake Fossils

With todays increasing trend to collect fossils, and this industry becoming more popular than ever,there has also been an opening for the not so geniunie to intoduce specimens that although may be old, yet are not fossils.

Taking into account the fact that science has recognosed and defined a fossil a preserved life-form from a specific past geological period, anything from the current period, which began 10,000 years ago and although these pieces may be mineralised, nevertheless they are will not be deemed a true fossil. The last, period considered as pre-historic is the Pleistocene Period.

Unless you are have expertise in the subject, you most likely will not be able to tell the difference, however, there are small tell tale signs that what may be presented to you is not the real deal. To protect yourself from this, you should watch out for perfection. Genuine fossils have been through much trauma from the extreme pressures of the ground , movements and excavation. Damage would be caused to the specimens. If you find an absolutly perfecly intact specimen, it would raise quesioning.

It is important to note that genuine specimens will be cleaned, and sometimes repaired and prepared for commercial purposes. This practice is done in order to extract and free fossil while keeping damage to a minimum.