Rough and Polished Ammonites

Ammonites were marine animalsbelonging to the phylum Mollusca and class Cephalopoda. They lived during the Jurassic and Cretacious periods between 66 to 201 million years ago and are useful to help distinguish geological time intervals (stratigraphy).

It has taken many years for the film industry to recognise the lives behind those people who have put all their efforts and passion into finding, excavating and examining fossils of all kinds. You can see that only two years following the box office success of The Meg, another historical period drama; about the woman behind the first Ammonite discoveries of Lyme Regis will be released. The famous fossil hunter Mary Annings was also known for discoveries in Marine Jurrasic fossil beds along the English Channel, including the first Pleisaurus and the first flying reptile, the Pterodactyl in 1828. This movie is the first of three; portraying her struggles within a patriarchial society. Remember that this an historical account but not a documentary; it is a Holywood version which will have been dramatised for effect and as such please watch it as entertainment. Some facts may have been fictionalised.

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