• Ammonites, Madagascan cut and polished

Pair of Madagascan cut and polished Ammonites

Product Code: AMMDSPR000



These beautifully polished Madagascan Ammonites show a silky irridecence on the exterior, as well as detailed crystalised chambers which the animal used to navigate.

The photos we show here are an example of just one pair of Ammonites. Some specimens have more open chambers than others.

They have a lovely smooth feel to the touch and are small enough to be made into pendants. Due to the shape, size and look, they make a great gift for nature lovers or for individuals who have just started to find a fascination and a love for fossils. When the ammonite was alive, the main component of the shell was nacre; their rainbow-like glow is as a result of an array of minerals amongst which will be alumininum, barium, iron copper and much more.

These Madagascan Ammonites have been split to reveal their natural internal beauty. The split sides have been polished to enhance the stunning interior.

Each piece is approximately 4cm x 3.5cm and weighs 7-10g so they are ideal for collectors or for making jewellery.

The photos show samples from our collection of ammonites sold as pairs. When you order, we will send you a handpicked pair from our range of specimens. These are natural products so there will be variations in the colour, quality, shape and size.