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Dactylioceras Ammonite pairs: range of samples

Product Code: AMDCPR000



Our Dactyloceras Ammonites are wonderful for anyone interested in examining the fossil unpolished in its most natural state. Ammonites were marine animals similar to what we know today as Squid, each genus is found in many types of sedimentary rocks. These particular Ammonites from Whitby in North Yorkshire. Each region in the world will have Ammonites with different colours due to their minerals.
Only one of the many genus of Ammonites, these are from the Jurassic Period of 180mya. A time close to when Dinosaurs appeared.
Each side when open will expose one concave side and one convex.
Sizes around 6cm circumference closed as a pair, and comfortably lays in the palm of your hands.

When you order, we will send you a handpicked pair from our range in stock. Each specimen has its own unique qualities. These are natural products so there will be variations in the colour, markings and natural fractures.