Dinosaur Teeth

My son has always had a fascination with Dinosaurs. At a time of difficulty, they practically became his best friends providing comfort and a world he could understand. Increasingly I hear that he is not alone. If your child isn't interested in Dinosaurs, most likely they will have a friend or a relative that is. Most dinosaur fossils are found in the form of a bone or cartilage. Only once (in Montana, USA) has soft tissue been discovered; that was from a Tyranosaurus Rex which had survived 68 million years. The fascination is in the preservation of blood vessels and cells, which would help scientists find out how Dinosaurs evolved.

A further aid is today's Technology. It has given an opportuity for Palaeontologists in the University of Edinburgh to create a CT Scan of T Rex Skull. They discovered that contrary to what has been believed until today, Tyranosaurus Rex were in fact quite smart creatures, to the extent they have been likened to having intelligence akin to chimpanzees.

Dinosaur fossils normally come in the form of bones which absorb minerals from the environment.

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