• Mosasaur Teeth: Samples from our range

Samples from our range of Mosasaur Teeth

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This swimming dinosaur with adapted legs into flippers had a skull up to 6ft long. As major predators, their throat with internal teeth helped prevent prey escaping.
We have a range of very interesting individual Mosasaur teeth for sale. You too can own a fossil at a very affordable price!
A Fossil Marine Reptile Tooth from U.Cretaceous age ( 80 million years old) From Khouribga Plateau, Morocco.Our specimens are approximately 5-6 cm long. 
Apparently the largest known Mosasaur was 17m long; imagine meeting that marine reptile while you are out !


When you order, we will send you a handpicked tooth from our range in stock. Each specimen has its own unique qualities. These are natural products therefore there will be small variations in the colour and natural fractures.