Fossil Sharks Teeth Collection

Product Code: STDB1



This set of specimens is great for learning about the range of fossil fish, reptilian, teeth and vertebrae coming from different parts of the world.

Each piece has its individual name clearly labelled and can give a tremendous insight into history, geography and evloutionary changes throughout the world. They have been harvested from phosphates in Morocco, and they range between 45-70 million years old.

The specimens are encased in a beech-colour wooden framed box with a glass window for easy viewing. They include derivatives of genus and extinct fossils relating to todays sharks and fish: Sawfish, Crow Shark, Sand shark, Great White Shark, Mackarel, Herring, Ancient snake fossil, Eagle Rays

Dimensions of Box 24.5cm x 14.5cm x 3.5w. Each specimen approx 1cm -1.5cm

Free Delivery to UK destinations (£10.00 delivery cost worldwide).

Collection of fossil specimens in a display box