• Trilobite Aristoharpes (Rare Specimen)

Trilobite Aristoharpes (Rare Specimen)

Product Code: TRA1



This magnificent specimen has distinct features in comparison to other Trilobites. Its exterior semicircular shaped brim around the head called a Cephalon provided the creature with unique capabilities of filter feeding. The Aristoharpes is further recognised as having 12 or more thoracic segments. Unlike the Trilobites in the Phacopida order, their eyes were more like centrally located Tubercles.

The rare piece you see on your left is one of the last species to die out at the end of the Devonian Period, naturally mounted in its own Limestone matrix and encased in a domed shape clear box for maximum preservation.

This is the actual product that you will receive when you order; we do not have any other similar specimens for the moment.