Obsidian Tumblestones

Obsidian is formed when molten rock (eg from a volcano) cools so quickly that the atoms are not arranged into a crystal structure but rather into a 'glass'. This provides Obsidian with some of its valued properties because of the way that the mineral breaks into pieces with sharp edges which is probably why Obsidian was used in the past to make tools and weapons such as knives, arrowheads, spear points and scrapers. Even today it is used to make very sharp blades, eg for scalpels. Obsidian is usually black but can also be brown or green depending on impurities. Chemically, Obsidian is not stable and with time the 'glass' structure crystalises into white or grey coloured clusters which are scattered randomly within the Obsidian, creating an attractive 'snowflake' effect. Obsidian is used to make jewellery and carved artefacts and it is believed to have spiritual and healing properties.

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